What about staying with us tonight ?

The Rumshines camp is in the Sunset Place of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, 12 km from Rum Village. You really feel apart from civilization as you drink in the vibrant colours of the desert. The red and white sands are best viewed directly from our camp at sunset.

As a traditional Bedouin camp all the tents are made from goat hair. A cosy communal tent, various open-air seating areas, are at your disposal to enjoy the place and relax yourself.

We offer private tents with double and single beds; you are also invited to spend the night outside under the canopy of stars or in the cave situated above our camp.
A clean shared bathroom with sinks, shower, a western-style, and an arab toilet are present.

After sunset traditional Bedouin dishes are prepared.
Such dishes include « Zarb », the Bedouin barbeque, or the national dish « Mansaf ».

Evening at the camp


While meals where you are from may be rushed, you will find dinner in Wadi Rum to be a slow and pleasant affair. After dinner you will experience traditional Bedouin songs, stories, and dancing, while sipping on the sweet local tea.

There are a variety of food options at every meal which are seasonal. Vegetarian food is available on request.

Breakfast: A full breakfast is served with flat bread and includes eggs, cheese, hummus, jam, yoghurt, and traditional Bedouin olive oil with mint.

Lunch: For those tours including lunch we provide a selection of various fruits, vegetables, tuna, bread, cheese, and dessert.

Dinner: A selection of various salads, rice, aubergine (eggplant), and traditional dishes including Mansaf which is the national Bedouin dish with rice and meat cooked in local salty yoghurt. We also prepare Zarb which is meat and vegetables cooked 2 hours in an oven under the sand. There is also food suitable for vegetarians.